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Matt Henry’s serious skills, cutting-edge effects, and innovative wit have awed and amused audiences around the world.


He’s a World Juggling Champion who’s rocked the stages of Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Las Vegas.


You've seen him on TV shows such as Late Night with James Corden and America's Got Talent.


 His one-man-show, which ran for 8,000 performances at Walt Disney World in Orlando, is perfect for all ages.


Comfortable in any venue, Matt has worked trade shows, cruise ships, circuses, fairs, festivals, theme parks, and even a store window!


The original “trained human” and “master of the unnecessary” will have your audience on the edge of their seats and rolling in the aisles!

As seen on
Late Night with James Corden 
America's Got 
of more than
8000 performances
at Disney World
in Orlando!
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