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Fairs and Festivals

Matt is a seasoned and professional fair performer whose Comedy Juggling Stunt Show brings lots of big laughs, audience participation, and amazing feats of skill and danger. Although Matt has some serious technical skills--he won a world juggling championship--it's the comedy he combines with his stunts that keeps him in demand for fairs and festivals.

Matt is flexible with number and length of sets and shows; he wants to create a package that works for your event. He's also happy to pitch in if you have other entertainment needs, whether that might be emceeing, a parade performance, or something else entirely.

If you're in the market for a grounds, roving, or atmosphere act as well, Matt offers a second performance, the Big Bubble Show, which attracts children and the young-at-heart like moths to a flame. This performance can add tremendous fun and variety to your event! These bubbles have to be seen to be believed, and video can be seen at!

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